Managing Change.

Take the Pain out of Change.
Create Seamless Transitions.

Managing Change Workshop with Michelle Ray

The adage “nothing changes if nothing changes” remains highly relevant in today’s business landscape. It’s also a truism that organizations must embrace change in order to survive, although many still choose the status quo and run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Why is change so painful?

The answers lie first and foremost with your leaders. How do they perceive change? As role models, it is imperative that they demonstrate an ability and willingness to adapt to constantly shifting trends. These may be business-driven: e.g. your customers’ demands for “ease of use” technology, or internal; e.g. by changes in workplace demographics.

During uncertain times, it is not unusual for many individuals at every level of an enterprise to be overwhelmed by fear and intransigence. The business consequences that result from a “bury our heads in the sand” mindset may be dire. Recent examples abound of businesses, associations and not-for-profit groups that refused to accept new realities. As a result, they have either become irrelevant or extinct.

Conversely, we can ill-afford a mindset of complacency during positive times. Becoming too comfortable with current circumstances can be equally disadvantageous, deterring opportunities for continued innovation and creativity within our own organizations.

Your leaders can position themselves to respond rather than react to new realities. By viewing change through a new lens, leaders will find the process of translating new initiatives and obtaining buy-in from their teams easier to implement.

Expected Outcomes for Attendees:

  • Discover a proactive, panic-proof approach to change
  • Rise above the choir of “we’ve always done things this way”
  • Recognize change as an opportunity, rather than a challenge
  • Release your fears and embrace new realities with positive expectancy and a “can-do” mindset

Are you ready to build bridges, instead of
building walls toward the future?