Problem? Employee Engagement.

Assess, Build, and Sustain a Positive Culture.

Increasing Employee Engagement And Morale

Employee engagement…a subject that has become top of mind for more than 20 years across the board amongst leaders, managers and HR experts. Renowned global research firms such as Deloitte and Gallup confirm that disengagement remains a challenge, despite the efforts of many organizations to implement surveys and initiate strategies to tackle the issues head on.

In addition, the debate continues unabated regarding the true meaning of engagement, as well as determining optimal solutions to raise the enthusiasm, passion and commitment levels of employees…and dare I say, leaders.

Yes…leaders. This is about you as well. Many of you are also becoming more disconnected and disillusioned. You face increasing pressures that come with the responsibilities of directing teams, maintaining morale, productivity and greater profitability.

So…where to start?

First, we need to understand what engagement looks like. Healthy levels of workplace engagement indicate discretionary effort, i.e. wanting to do, rather than having to do a job. If we view work as a “drudgery” or an obligation, chances are high that we aren’t enjoying it and we’re not much fun to be around. On the other hand, when we feel inspired at work, we make a difference to our co-workers, customers and those closest to us.

Employee Engagement Workshop with Michelle Ray

Learning Takeaways:

  • How to demonstrate trust, appreciation and acknowledgement meaningfully and regularly, regardless of your job function
  • How to implement practical strategies to assess, build and sustain a highly engaged culture
  • Build a positive work climate that celebrates inclusion and encourages contribution
  • Eradicate negative influencers that sow the seeds of disengagement… once and for all!

Are you ready to mitigate disengagement
in your organization?