Problem? Accountability.

If not you, then who? If not now…then when?

It’s not only team members who struggle with taking ownership of their work. Leaders can fall into the same trap regarding follow-up, miscommunication regarding work projects, and mistakes that negatively affect an organization’s operations. Individuals at all levels are ultimately answerable for performance and results.

Resolving accountability problems begins by clarifying roles, responsibilities, and expectations. In the absence of clear direction, confusion reigns and the “blame games” continue. Attendees will learn how to take ownership with greater effectiveness. By working with Michelle, your group will learn strategies to take initiative and take charge.

No matter what your industry or profession may be, the fact is that we are all 100% responsible for our own attitudes, choices, and responses at work and in life.

Accountability is a two-way street!

Learning Takeaways:

  • How to break the patterns of excuse-making, finger-pointing and admonishing responsibility
  • How to own your mistakes and empower yourself and others… with humility, confidence and grace
  • How to discern whether you have a “team” problem or a “me” problem
  • How to effectively apply accountability strategies up and down the ladder

Are You Ready to Increase Accountability?