Rave Reviews

We contracted Michelle to open on both days of our conference in 2017 and she did not disappoint. She executed both presentations with ease, and impactfully shared her messages, captivating and engaging the audience in her conversation-like style, using story telling, questioning, and activities to relate her points. She is collaborative, lively, humorous, and creative. She demonstrated a professional manner in all of our interactions, and as a conference organizer, I appreciated that she was prompt in her responses, was well organized, and punctual the day of our event. During our customization meeting, she came prepared with a list of questions about our industry, and ideas for how to ensure her message related the experience of our industry workplaces. I would highly recommend her as a presenter to anyone looking to deliver practical strategies for professional growth.”

-Candice Thomas, Safety and Injury Management Advisor



BC Construction Safety Alliance

“Michelle Ray delivered the closing keynote address at our 2017 Safety Conference. In the weeks leading up to the event, Michelle Ray partook in preparatory tele-conferences reviewing the audience make-up. During these sessions, Michelle revealed her greatest asset to be an incisive ability to uncover the specific hurdles faced by delegates to the Conference, to probe in order to gain a deeper understanding of their leadership needs, and then, as proven by her delivery at the Conference, a high-level ability to integrate audience-specific messaging into a custom-tailored speech. Indeed, Michelle Ray employed in-situ role-plays to great effectiveness as a means of communicating real-life examples of leadership in the workplace.

But please don’t just take my word for it –survey results from delegates in attendance at Michelle’s closing keynote assigned an average of 4.93 points out of 5 to her performance, the highest of any speaker or presenter during the 2-day Conference!”

– Paul Boileau, Chief of Corporate Affairs



Manufacturing Safety Alliance of British Columbia
THANK YOU for a fabulous keynote!!! The standing ovation was much deserved and you were a huge asset to the event. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again!
– Stephanie Glassford, External Events Manager
Re/Max Integra

“Thank you for your presentation to our entire team on the topics of accountability and service excellence. It was an absolute pleasure and I know the team appreciated the learning.”

-Dean Powrie, CEO

Personal Eyes Pty Ltd

“Michelle Ray was an absolute terrific hit at our Annual Trans Canada Advertising Agency convention. The convention was titled “Bend Don’t Break” and Michelle was our opening keynote speaker. She demonstrated outstanding insight to her target audience but also was able to get them totally engaged with her communication style. She was well versed on the message she was asked to speak on and inspired the attendees with new approaches and new thought leadership examples & applications for their businesses.

Over the year’s, I personally have listened to many motivational speakers, but I would place Michelle at the top of the heap. It was especially great that she took the time to understand our industries cultures and our issues.”

– Frank Palmer, Chairman/CEO DDB Canada

Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network

“Your presentation set the goal for the start of our convention.  We had tons of positive comments about your presentation and that positive attitude continued on through the rest of the convention. You definitely are a leader in your field.”

– Tom Bastable, Board of Directors

Credit Institute Of Canada

“Michelle, Thank-you again for sharing your experiences and expertise with our TELUS Leadership Now group.

I thought the principles you presented aligned very nicely with many of the key elements and experiences in our LNow program so it was very good reinforcement for the participants as they prepare to graduate from the program.  Your storytelling was very engaging…I’m still amazed at the  courage it must have taken to don the cat woman suit! It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you!”

– JS,  Senior Advisor, People & Culture


“Michelle brings tremendous energy to the room and is able to engage the audience at a whole new level. We had attendees who told us they felt like they could take on the world after attending our event and hearing her message!”

– Florence Leung, Chapter President

Lean In Canada

“Michelle , the audience showed such a warm and spontaneous response to you – thank YOU so very much!  Everyone was thrilled and you were exactly the right closing to bring it all together.   I am so pleased that we chose you and that you were able to attend.  It takes a special kind of person to attend the full conference to pick up on the culture and the topics and then to thread it all together.  From the bottom of my heart – thank you!”

– Susan Smith, General Manager

Healthcare Supply Chain Network

“Outstanding performance! Super content with great delivery! Michelle, many thanks for sharing your talents, wisdom and energy. You really set the stage for all of us to Make A Difference!”

Warren Erhart, White Spot President and CEO


White Spot Restaurants

“Michelle, it was a true privilege. The insights were invaluable. Thank you for helping us grow an already remarkable leadership team!”

Matt Dunfee, President, Global Sales and Customer Operations EMC2

“Michelle impressed me from the first time I heard her speak approximately 10 years ago. She is a truly gifted story teller who uses personal experiences to set the stage and drive home important messages about “The Art of Me Management”. I was recently asked to set in as Interim Director of Care for a residential care facility dealing with the aftermath of years of poor leadership and staff who had difficulty letting go of what had been. Everyone was tired of the drama, yet seemingly powerless to extricate themselves from it. I knew I needed Michelle’s help to re-energize and re-focus our teams.

Michelle took the time to really understand what we were looking for and spent a lot of time preparing with our senior leaders to ensure the session would be inspiring and the turning point we so desperately needed. When Michelle speaks, she has a mesmerizing effect, blending humour, passion and information that inspires one to become “the best version of me”.  Her customized presentation, drawing on her own family experiences with residential care truly made the difference as she connected with the staff. It made her message that much more impactful. It was so easy working with Michelle. As a result of her presentation and professionalism, she has given us a great foundation on which to build our success.”

Irene Street, Interim Director of Care, Rest Haven Lodge

“We recently had the please of having Michelle Ray speak at our quarterly team meeting for our dental company. Her energy and enthusiasm for her work is abundantly clear in her presentations. She took the time to sit down with us in advance to discuss topics that were most important for us and make sure to focus on them. Michelle also made the topics very relevant to our industry which made it easier for our team to understand and conceptualize. We highly recommend Michelle Ray and would not hesitate to have her back”

Jen Mackinnon, Managing Director, Inspire Dental Group

“Michelle crafted a customized educational session for our Chapter Meeting that incorporated inspiring stories, interactive elements, and great take-aways for leadership from within and banishing drama from the workplace.  She was an absolute joy to work with and the response from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.  The board was very happy with the session and I’m glad we achieved our goal with the tight turn around. I would recommend Michelle for any group looking for a dynamic, high-energy educational session.”

Jenny Stanfield, Director of Education & Events, PCMA Canada West

“We can’t thank you enough Michelle!  I have heard nothing but positive comments about your presentation!  If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know.”

Maureen Metz, Vice-President, Marketing Metz Culinary Management

“The positive energy that you brought into that room was infectious and your energetic presentation style and sense of humor had our attendees laughing, (and almost crying at one point) and nodding in agreement!”

Karen Johnston, CMP, Canadian Payroll Association, Pacific Region

“Michelle takes the time to really understand her audience and frame her remarks in a manner that is meaningful and specific to them. Our team came away from her keynote speech feeling heard and understood.”

Tim Manning, Regional VP, Commercial Financial Services, Royal Bank of Canada

“Judging by the word-of-mouth comments, you were a huge hit! Thank you for speaking at our conference, and bringing your special message! It has been a pleasure working with you again!”

Lisa Kaplan, Meeting Planner, ICAN Women In Leadership Conference

“We LOVED Michelle!! Her “No More Drama” workshop was exactly what our members needed. Michelle is an amazing lady and so warm and sincere. We didn’t want to see her leave.”

Beverly Leavitt, CEO, Canada East Equipment Dealers’ Association

“Michelle helps us pull ourselves up out of mediocrity and demand more for our lives. A great message!”

Jane Atkinson, author of The Wealthy Speaker and The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

“Well done! A first-rate presentation – both content and delivery. Thanks for adding so much to our Leadership Conference.”

Warren Erhart, President & CEO, Whitespot Restaurants

“I thought that your presentation was not only engaging but thought provoking. Your energy is contagious and you really are in touch with your audience.”

Tom DeSorcy, CFO Fire Chief/Chair, FCABC Conference Committee

“When I looked on the agenda and saw that the keynote address was going to be 75 minutes, I cringed. However, the time flew by and I loved the speech! I could have listened to Michelle for longer.”

Manager, Matching and Internal Referrals Section, Canada Revenue Agency

“Thank you for being a part of our Digital Workspace Services (DWS) Leadership Meeting. You kicked off our event with such an inspiring, motivating, fun and thought provoking keynote address. The ideas you taught us resonated with attendees throughout the day as we discussed the behaviours and attitudes associated with poor and great leadership.Moreover, it set the tone to commit to action plans that will take our organization to the next level. It was truly a pleasure to meet you. Thanks again for inspiring our team and sharing your passion for the lifelong pursuit of becoming a better leader.”

Debra Hurley-James, Sr. Business Specialist, Digital Workspace Services, Employee Technology Experience Team Bank of Montreal

“You brought expert, timely, and cogent insight into the world of meetings … and the world itself. Our attendees cut across such a wide range of career tracks, professional responsibilities and experience. You were able to lead us into examining the aspects of our lives and work where growth opportunities lie, and helped forge a way forward in this grand world of meetings and events. Mission accomplished! Please know that we were honored by your participation, and would be glad to be a resource for reference or recommendations as you need.”

Joan Minton, Conference Chair, MPI Mid America

“No words can adequately express my thanks for making the impact you did on us at MPI MidAmerica One World Conference. Your message resonated, your enthusiasm shined, and the way you were able to hold the room and carry us with you was palpable. Thank you for connecting with us so meaningfully, and for being part of all the festivities. I know you will get official thanks and follow up from the committee – I just wanted to let you know how very much it meant that you were there.”

Jim Rittenhouse, Principal, R2 Impact MPI Mid America

“Michelle Ray is a talented, gifted speaker. She immediately connected with close to 200 attendees and held their attention from start to finish. The leadership team and employees experienced a very positive, fun, engaging, and valuable session. We learned skills that will enhance our professional and personal lives. Michelle’s exceptional professional standards were evident in her research prior to the event and in the content delivered at the event.”

Robert Jorssen, Executive Director, Corporate Management Branch, Pacific Region RCMP

“Michelle’s program was phenomenal! She hit the stage and held the attention of our audience for the full 90 minutes. Without a doubt, Michelle is ‘the best version of herself’ that she can be one-on-one or in a room filled with people. She is genuine in her message without being demeaning to anyone who might not immediately recognize or trust in the power of her leadership tools! Michelle provided our audience with a wealth of powerful tools to take back to their staff that was positive, uplifting and overwhelmingly engaging. On stage and off, Michelle is a dynamic bundle of positive energy.”

Paul Myers, Director of Education, HBMA

“Michelle’s inspirational stories strongly resonated with participants, exceeding our expectations and providing the perfect ending to our “Learning Week” event. Michelle’s engaging keynote and workshop Lead Yourself First encapsulated our overall theme of empowering oneself to take the lead in both our professional and personal lives.  Michelle left participants wanting more!”

Angela Foraaunet, MA – Leadership Human Resources Advisor | Couseillére, Ressources humaines Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Pacific Region | Pêches et Océans Canada – Région du Pacifique

“You are an energetic and engaging speaker and your presentation was dynamic, inspirational and funny! Thank you for bringing your stories and experiences to our staff and for helping us realize that we can all make a difference in our division’s ability to achieve our vision.”

Tina Wenckowski, Manager, Administrative Services, MacEwan University

“The feedback from the workshops was excellent. Michelle, your efforts are so much appreciated. The managers of the CSOs were bombarded with great reviews. They, as well as the rest of the team here, want to thank you so much for the time you spent in getting to know our staff to ensure successful workshops.”

Barb Curtis, Trainer, Education, Culture and Development, Government of North West Territories

“I was fortunate enough to see you speak for the second time in just eight months (I also saw you speak at the Canadian Home Care Summit last fall in Vancouver). I just wanted to say thanks for your inspiring words – you are a wonderful speaker and I could listen to you for hours.

Joel Stoddart, Business Development Manager, Careforce Home Care Worker Co-operative Ltd.

“You are a most engaging speaker with a message that we always need to be reminded of. You utilized laughter and with your dynamic personality, you struck a chord as you encouraged us to tap into our strength and purpose of our leadership abilities to affect change in others and ourselves.”

Sydney O’Sullivan, Interim Chair, Aurora College Board of Governors

“Medavie Blue Cross received rave reviews from delegates. Your keynote session “The Power of Personal Leadership” was certainly humorous, engaging, energized, and reinforced the importance of positive thinking in today’s work landscape, a truly wonderful way to start any conference. Your professionalism from our first meeting to your support on-site was very much appreciated and I hope to have the pleasure of working together again in the near future.”

Shannon Hunter, Strategic Marketing Consultant – Group Marketing, Medavie Blue Cross

“Michelle Ray’s keynote, filled with quick wit and insightful story telling about leadership and life, had our audience of 400 Paypal business leaders feeling energized and engaged. Michelle empowered everyone to become the very best version of themselves regardless of the adversity often faced in today’s complex corporate environment. For a conference producer, Michelle Ray is a gold nugget of talent wrapped up in one of the most authentic and enjoyable personalities one could ever hope to work with.

Mary Prefontaine, President & CEO, Institute for Career Advancement Needs

  • EMC2 Corporation

    Event Overview

    Three - hour session at Global Leadership Summit for the Senior Sales Engineering Leaders. Topic: Talent Retention


    Retaining top talent and ensuring they remain engaged, motivated and positive during this period of transition was critically important to the client. The goal moving forward was to equip their leaders with the required skills to preserve their culture, navigate through change and communicate effectively with their teams. The client's talent management strategy remains top of mind and the manner in which leaders connect with their best people is a key priority.

    Client brief

    EMC is in the process of being acquired by Dell. The $60B is the largest technology merger in history. In the client’s words: “Michelle’s messages regarding retaining top talent would resonate well with these leaders, and serve as a great inspiration for the months ahead.”

    The client saw Michelle present at a Leadership Conference several months prior. The client subsequently hired Michelle to present a three-hour session with 70 Global leaders at the conclusion of their annual customer conference, with 16,000 attendees from their Fortune 5,000 client base. Decision-maker said: “We are thrilled to have Michelle provide us some tools and advice to strengthen our leaders in this critical time.”

    Objective for Michelle’s session

    Give leaders the tools to keep them motivated and lead proactively into the future with a standard of excellence.


    Michelle provided tools, insights and powerful examples in a highly customized program that were extremely well received. Attendees were completely engaged in discussions and activities, leaving the conference inspired to immediately apply takeways with renewed conviction.

    Michelle, it was a true privilege. The insights were invaluable. Thank you for helping us grow an already remarkable leadership team!
    – President, Global Sales and Customer Operations EMC2

  • City Clerks Association of California

    Event Overview

    Annual Conference Opening Keynote and Full-Day Academy Session: “How to Build Outstanding Internal and External Business Relationships”, City Clerks Association of California.


    Many cities are coming off of budget cuts due to the great recession which trimmed staff levels making it difficult to maintain status quo while looking forward to innovation, best practices in an attempt to improve efficiencies. Clerks must be the “jack of all trades.”

    Morale is dropping as employees are tired and citizens are frustrated with government response times, issues, etc. Clerks tend to continually take on work no one else will step up to do, leading to disappointment, frustration and burnout. The client hired Michelle based on her extensive experience and success working with local government groups.

    Client Brief

    The Clerk interacts daily and directly with the City Manager and City Attorney on a variety of issues, as well as all departments, typically around the preparation of City Council agendas and related documentation and materials. Strong working relationships are key to the success of the organization.

    The Clerk is the connection of the public to the elected officials. Strong relationships with key external organizations, citizen groups, community service organizations is key to building trust in local government and working toward collaboration on public matters.

    Objective for training session

    In this fully customized course: How to Build Outstanding Internal and External Workplace Relationships participants will embrace personal accountability, the importance of building and maintaining outstanding relationships within the workplace, as well as the local citizens who are the customers served by organizations (cities/special districts). Clerks from across California will attend this event. Focusing on the work of the Clerk’s office and the value it adds to the organization helps our members grow personally and professionally.


    Approximately 50 participants registered for this full-day session, leaving with strategies to implement immediately in order to enhance workplace relationships and increase understanding regarding the importance of their role. Through a series of collaborative exercises, attendees were inspired by the overall learning experience and excited to hear ideas from their peers regarding best practices. The educational workshop provided new insights and opportunities for city clerks to raise their overall profile and influence. Client said “It would be my pleasure to be a reference for you.”

  • Friendship Force International

    Event Overview

    World Conference - Keynote Address “How to Lead Yourself First Through Change and Uncertainty”


    Club-based organizations are being challenged all over the world to change their structure. The sooner we accept this reality, the more energy we can direct to renewal. Some members are resisting expansion and prefer the status quo. The “why fix what is not broken conundrum” is a concern. The organization has an aging membership base and needs to experience an increase in participation (membership) as well as the number of exhanges/hosting opportunities. Some clubs haven’t grasped or accepted the reality of overall membership in decline. In addition, reciprocity in terms of home-hosting and serving as “ambassadors” within communities to spread the word, attract new members and contribute to organizational goals for growth are key strategic initiatives in order for Friendship Force to survive and thrive.

    Client Brief

    The Friendship Force was founded by Wayne Smith and introduced on March 1, 1977, by President Jimmy Carter at a White House gathering of state governors. The Friendship Force has since brought together millions of people. Today they are active in 70 countries, promoting friendship and goodwill through an extensive program of home hosting, or exchanges. Friendship Force International is a nonprofit organization supported by membership, exchange fees, donations, and foundation grants. To date, the organization has over 16,000 members.

    For their 38th World Conference, the client wanted their audience to hear and act of Michelle’s messages on self-leadership, accountability and change to help lead their organization into the future. In the client’s words: “The best way to take FFI forward is to keep to our values of peace and friendship. How we affirm those values is where we must focus our attention.”

    Objective of session

    To harness the energy of members. There is a huge reservoir of goodwill and passion within the organization. Conference participants embody that power. Client also had two goals for the 500 conference participants to adopt, commit to at the end of Michelle’s session, and take back to their clubs. Once Michelle introduces the concept of energy and power, client will join her on stage to present the two goals.


    “I have to tell you that the response for one of the goals in particular is WAY beyond what we expected and my sense is that we will achieve the 2nd goal as well For us this is uplifting and we needed it. It also means that your talk made its way to their heart and FF spirit, otherwise we would not have seen the same results. So yes, we are very happy that we went to you and we very much appreciate the fact that you took the time to weave FFI into your talk.” – Board of Directors

  • Government of Northwest Territories, Income Securities Division

    Event Overview

    Michelle Ray conducted two full-day workshops in Yellowknife for Client Service Offers (CSOs) of the Government of the Northwest Territories, Income Securities Division. Based on the briefing provided in advance of the event, Michelle’s presentations at the conference were based on the theme of Client Service Excellence and Self-Leadership.


    Customer service is a critical piece in terms of meeting the needs of the clients; i.e. individuals that once were able to meet the needs of their families find themselves requiring government assistance. Professional skills such as interpersonal communication, empathic listening, stress management and a proactive approach to dealing with volatile clients were determined to be essential in order for CSOs to manage their respective roles with confidence. Some CSOs work remotely and are reaching out to their colleagues for support and advice.

    Client Brief

    The conference was organized for the CSOs to have an opportunity for some professional training, with an emphasis on client service. Recognizing the tremendous responsibilities of the attendees, who are the delivery agent for Income Security Programs that include Senior Citizen Home Heating Subsidy and Income Assistance), Michelle Ray’s brief was to assist the CSO’s in their goal of moving clients from a choice of last resort to an opportunity for self reliance.

    Objective of Training

    The annual conference provided the entire team of CSOs to collaborate and share their experiences and expertise in order to return to work with an increased sense of pride, knowledge and motivation.


    “The feedback from the workshops was excellent. It was truly a pleasure to work with you over the two full days and I hope we can again! The discussions that followed on Day Three also centred on some of the discussions from your sessions on Days One and Two.

    Michelle, your efforts are so much appreciated. The managers of the CSOs were bombarded with great reviews. They, as well as the rest of the team here, want to thank you so much for the time you spent in getting to know our staff to ensure successful workshops.

    Enjoy the comments – they are a true reflection of you and your professionalism.” – Curtis, Trainer, Education, Culture & Employment Government of the North West Territories

  • Medavie Blue Cross

    Event Overview

    Leadership, Health & Productivity Conference - Keynote Address “The Power of Personal Leadership”. Opening session that applies to all.


    Very diverse audience with an array of challenges. Not necessarily one common issue although one example is younger groups wanting to use technology to access services (common to many companies). Employee engagement across all age groups, retention strategies, for leaders to focus on what is within their control, be attuned to employee needs and aspirations. Externally, customers more aware of flexible health benefits…this gives an organization a competitive edge.

    Client Brief

    Majority of attendees are key decision makers from our clients’ HR departments (VP, Directors, Managers). Also some Medavie Blue Cross senior management team, select and preferred advisors who are key partners selling our products and services. Most delegates attending from Atlanic Canada. The conference theme is meant to open dialogue on exploring new ways of addressing timely issues and challenges in today’s workplace. Along with providing excellent sessions and ideas given by knowledgeable speakers from across the country, the conference gives our clients, consultants and advisors the opportunity to network, socialize and have some fun.

    Objective of session and conference

    For Michelle: To provide a dynamic, informative engaging session that inspires all leaders in the room to take the lead, pracitce accountability in their respective roles. Rise above the negativity and be the best version of YOU.

    For the Conference: To provide our top clients, consultants, advisors, sales representatives, and prospects excellent sessions and ideas given by knowledgeable speakers from across the country

    To provides the opportunity to network and socialize

    To position Medavie Blue Cross as thought leader in the Atlantic market


    “I am following up with you to express my sincerest gratitude for delivering a tremendous session. We received rave reviews from delegate. Your session was humorous, engaging, energizing and reinforced the importance of positive thinking in today’s landscape, a truly wonderful way to start any conference.

    As well, showcasing your book Lead Yourself First! during the breaks was a great opportunity for our attendees to easily learn more about how to live the life they want.

    Your professionalism from our first meeting to your support on-site was very much appreciated and I hope to have the pleasure of working together again in the near future” – S. Hunter, Strategic Marketing Consultant – Group Marketing, Medavie Blue Cross

“Michelle, on behalf of SHRM, I would like to express our gratitude for speaking at our 2014 Annual Conference.  The conference was a success and we appreciate your contribution. Attached you will find your evaluation summary report for No More Drama! How to Build High Engagement, High Morale and a Happier Workplace.  A Score of 3.8 or better (on a scale of 1 – 5) is acceptable, rated in the following manner:

This Session (Your Average) All Sessions (Overall Average)
Quality of information presented 4.5097 4.3497
Michelle Ray: 4.7432 4.4377
Content matched the session description
in conference program:
4.4597 4.2917

# of Attendees in your session: 974
# Evaluations Tabulated: 225

Beth O’Brien, CMP Program Manager, Conferences, Society for Human Resource Management

“I can’t express enough how much we enjoyed your presentation. Over the course of the weekend, members had time to reflect and apply many of the personal leadership tips you discussed. It reinforced the importance of our group’s focus on collaboration and the need to adapt to meet the challenges we face.

Individual or personal leadership IS a mindset and reminding us that “our perceptions become our reality” gives us the opportunity to reassess situations that affect views and our ability respond rather than react. Recognizing we have the power to influence and turn challenges into opportunities is really the key to success (both individually and as a member of a group), but it requires each member to take a leadership role in being the best they can be.

Not only was your presentation motivational but inspirational in providing us with tools to help deal with the constant challenges facing our profession and our industry. I will certainly provide this testimonial to our industry partners as well!

Alice Abbott, Executive Director, The Alpha Group, Inc.

“Your delivery was masterful in how you connected with the audience, and we have never seen anyone do so as effectively and quickly. Two minutes into your talk, you had everyone enjoying themselves and on their feet. We know you undertook a lot of preparation in getting ready for this address, and it showed. 

Michelle you are more than a dynamic speaker, you are in fact an accomplished entertainer who tailored your message around our specific organized goals and this was heard through the crowd present. 

Our members have been telling us since the conference things such as, “Michelle certainly earned her reputation as a first rate speaker. She set the tone for the whole conference.” And, “She was ‘spot-on’ with her presentation, knew her audience, and engaged everyone.”

Joy DiBenedetto,President & CEO, Friendship Force International

“Thank you for joining us in Whistler for our 2016 Annual Pita Pit conference.  It was a pleasure to have you with us over the activity-packed few days we spent in the mountains.  The effort you made to attend our events, participate in activities beyond your own two sessions, and the time you spent engaging franchisees and folks on the national Pita Pit team was noted and appreciated.  That extra effort enabled you to relate well to the franchisees, use specific examples during your sessions and achieve a greater impact than if you had parachuted in for your sessions and then left right afterwards.

With a unique combination of passion, energy and empathy, along with masterful presentation skills, you did an awesome job at setting the tone for the conference with your keynote and delivering useful and actionable tips in your workshop on day two.  Both sessions — Lead Yourself First and Leading Your Team were extremely well received by all attendees.

It has been a pleasure working with you Michelle.  Thank you for bringing such a person-centric perspective to topics that impact our business at the core.  You embodied our conference theme It Starts with You and you brought it to life in engaging and memorable ways.  At Pita Pit, we REFUSE TO SETTLE for anything that is ordinary . . . and you were anything but!”

Marina Leos, Senior Director of Special Projects, Pita Pit Canada

Your keynote “No More Drama” was a smash hit with our delegation at the 68th International Institute of Municipal Clerks Annual Conference.As you know, the 700 attendees were from across the world, all of whom have very high expectations. Satisfying their diverse thirsts for knowledge is no small challenge.

After your presentation in 2010 at your Annual Conference in Reno, NC, our clerks requested that you return to the stage year after year. I am delighted to say that you did not disappoint at your call back in Milwaukee this year. Your presentation received rave reviews on the day of your keynote and in the weeks since. Never have I seen such an engaged group of delegates, nor have I ever seen so many smiles walking out the door.

I deeply appreciate the attention you took to customize your presentation to our unique audience and the time you took to prepare additional materials for them. Your well thought out presentation, refreshing honesty and dynamic personality were exactly what our group needed to recharge them on the third day of their educational program. Your ability to relate to our delegation and force them to step out of their comfort zone was a delight to watch.

As a meeting planner, I stand in the back of the room crossing my fingers, hoping the presenter delivers the presentation that I am expecting.Michelle, you went above and beyond what was expected and closed out our 68th Annual Conference on one of its highest educational notes to date. You more than “Quenched the Thirst for Education”, which was the theme for our conference this year.

It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to discussing your return to our program in the future.”

Ashley DiBlasi, Meeting Planner, International Institute of Municipal Clerks

“93% of respondents agreed the speaker offered advice / takeaways that participants will action as part of their career development. The speaker was referred to as very inspirational, engaging, energetic, dynamic, interactive, humorous, extremely effective, and an excellent communicator.

Top comments about the speaker / presentation / key takeaways:

  • The presentation was very focused, so it was easy to take away specific action items.
  • Presentation was inspirational and enlightening.
  • Her insights were inspiring and made you reflect on your current situation /behaviour.
  • She inspired me to think about how I present myself and gave great advice that I can use to grow my network and my perspective.
  • I love the way she engaged the audience and used personal experiences to tell her story. Top Ten Tips of The Power of Personal Leadership was a bonus!
  • I was encouraged to stop and think when the pressure is on, rather than reacting on impulse, and to hold yourself to the highest accountability.
  • [I enjoyed] the example of the speaker’s own story – and how I can do something different and completely outside of the box.
    Speaker delivered the key messages effectively with easy-to-remember activities.
  • Amazing content, so valuable for work, career development, and in life – very engaging!
Rhonda Taylor, Program Manager, Leadership Development Strategy, Scotiabank Leadership

Partial Client List

AssociationsCorporateEducationOil & GasFinancial / Legal / InsuranceGovernmentHealthcare


Alberta Municipal Clerks Association

Association of Image Consultants International

Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Government

Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks & Treasurers

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists

Australian Association of Practice Managers

Australian Customer Service Association

Australian Society of Refractive & Cataract Surgeons

BC Care Providers Association

BC Fire Chiefs

BC Health & Administrative Professionals


Business Analyst World (Australia and Canada)

City Clerks Association of California

Canadian Assoc. of Petroleum & Land Administration

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Canadian Banner Users Association

Canada East Equipment Dealers Association

Canadian Federation of Apartment Owners

Canadian Municipal Administrators Association

Canadian Payroll Association

Canadian Society of Nutrition Management

Camrose Association for Community Living

Certified General Accountant’s Association of BC

Community Social Services Employers’ Association

Connecting Environmental Professionals

Credit Institute Of Canada

Credit Union Insurance Services Association

Dietitians of Canada

Disability Resource Network

E-Women Network

European Process Excellence Group

Executive Women in Texas Government

Florida City Clerks

Friendship Force International

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Health Employers Association of BC

Health & Safety Conference Society of Alberta

HR Management Association of Manitoba

Human Resource Management Association of Ontario

International Association of Exhibitors and Event Planners

International Association of Administrative Assistants

International Association of Business Communicators

International Institute of Municipal Clerks

Irish Hotels Federation

Legal Services Society

Local Government Management Association

Meeting Industry Association of Australia

Meeting Planners International

Minnesota Clerks & Finance Officers Association

Municipal Information Systems Association

National Association of Orthopedic Nurses

Newfoundland & Labrador Women Business Owners

NZ Retail Meat

NZ Retailer Association

Pedorthic Association of Canada

Process Excellence Network

Professional Convention Management Association

Project Management Institute

Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

Rural Municipal Clerks Association

Society of Human Resource Management Association

Supply Chain Management Association

Upper Island Safety Conference

Utah Municipal Clerks Association

Vancouver Island Economic Development Fund

Women in Management Association

World Meetings Forum


Alberta Venture

American Airlines


Boston Pizza International

Cara Operations Ltd.

De Bortoli Wines

EMC2 Corporation

Encom Canada

Flight Centre

Fountain Tire

Freeman XP

Harris Computer Systems

Joann Fabrics

Liberty Wine Merchants

Lush Cosmetics


McDonalds Australia

Metropolis – Metrotown

Ominicom Media Group


Pita Pit Canada

Proctor & Gamble

Prudential Realty

Qantas Airways Ltd

Queensland Department of Transport


Playboy Enterprises


Reimer Express Lines

Safeway Inc.


Scenic Tours


Silpada Designs

Smith Snack Food Company

SouthCorp Wines

Telus Communications



Vector Group

Whitespot Restaurants

Xerox Canada


Abbotsford School District

Aurora College

Australian National University

BC Teachers Federation


Bellevue Community College

Camosun College

Coquitlam School District

Everett Community College

Grant MacEwan University

Halton Catholic District School Board

Humber College

Institute of Career Advancement Needs

Melbourne Girls Grammar

Motorola University

OPS Centre for Leadership and Learning

Saskatchewan Regional Colleges

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division


Simon Fraser University

Simmons College

Surrey School District

University of British Columbia

University of Lethbridge

University of Western Sydney

Vancouver School Board

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

Oil & Gas

ConocoPhillips Canada

Ledcor Pipeline

Quicksilver Resources

Shell Canada

Union Gas


Alberta Accountants Unification Agency

Bank of Montreal

BDO Dunwoody

CIBC Wealth Management

Coast Capital Savings

Credit Unions of Alberta

Criminal Justice Branch

Davis LLP

EFTS Financial

Gainsworth Mortgages

Gilbert & Tobin

Grant Thornton LLP


Insurance Corporation of BC

KPMG Vancouver


OPSEU Pension Trust

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Royal Bank Group


Standard Life Insurance

State Super Financial Services

TD Bank Group

Verico Financial Group Inc.


Alberta Environment

Alberta Pensions Services Corporation

Australian Industry Group

BC Assessment

Canada Customs & Revenue Agency

Canada School of Public Service

Cariboo Regional District

City of Beverly Hills

City of Kitchener

City of Port Coquitlam

City of Port Moody

City of Vancouver

City of Vernon

City of Victoria

Conference Board Of Canada

Crown Counsel Office

Department of Indian and Northern Affairs

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Department of National Defence

Department of Seniors, Nova Scotia

Department of Tourism, South Dakota

E-Comm 911

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Department of Justice

Government of Nova Scotia

Government of the North West Territories

IBEW Local 37


Ministry of Community & Social Services

Ministry of Employment & Income Assistance

Ministry of Labor and Citizens’ Services

Ministry of Property Assessment Corporation

Ministry of Public Works & Government Services

Ministry of Small Business

Office of the Attorney General

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Ontario Public Service

Provincial Health Services Authority

Public Works and Government Services


Service Canada

Superior Courts Judiciary

Township of Langley


Alberta Council of Disability Services

Alcon Laboratories

Aurum Group

Australian Association of Practice Managers

Baxter Healthcare

BBraun Australia

BC Financial Healthcare Professionals

Cairns Base Hospital

Calgary Health Region

Canadian Mental Health Association

Capital Health Halifax

Chinook Health Region

Credit Valley Hospital

David Thompson Health Region


Eye Surgery Foundation

Family Insurance Agency

Health Canada

Healthcare Billing Management Association

Healthcare Support Services Association of Alberta

Inspire Dental Group

Laser Sight Australasia

Manitoba Nurses Union

Mater Hospital

Medavie Blue Cross

Nursing Links Canada

Ontario Hospitals Association

Operating Room Nurses Assoc. of Alberta

Operating Room Nurses Assoc. of Northern Alberta

Orion Health

Peace Country Health

Platinum Professional Development

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

Residences at Belvedere

Royal Brisbane Hospital

Self Regional Healthcare

Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Trillium Health Centres

Vancouver Coastal Health

Vision Eye Institute

Worksafe BC

Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre