Build a culture of accountability

Transformational Leadership and Leading with Vision

  Many people talk about transformational leadership, but what does it actually mean? For me it’s all about vision. It’s all about being a person…

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Ladder reaching up into the sky

Leadership Lesson: Look for the Good!

“She’s always whining,”  “He’s retired on the job”,  “Not worth the trouble trying to motivate her”,  etc. etc.

When it comes to managing employees who have seemingly tuned out, shut down and stopped contributing, it is easy to understand why leaders and managers become frustrated, abandon hope of a turnaround, and give their attention to the more engaged team members. After all, dwelling on the negative employee is an energy drain, hinders our effectiveness and takes a toll on managing higher priorities.

As leaders, most of us agree that managing difficult people is challenging. The usual default position of leaders who give up on unproductive employees is based on the premise that they are simply too much work. However, can we be certain that our summation is entirely accurate?

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