Build a culture of accountability

The four essentials to create the ultimate employee experience

While economists worldwide declare the end of the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, the talent shortage is far from over. According to research by Korn…

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Evolving your Talent Management Strategy

Evolving your Talent Management Strategy (Part 5)

What works today in terms of retaining your top talent may not necessarily be the case a year from now. And although your talent is…

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Talent Management and Your Brand

Talent and your Brand (Part 4)

All of us should look at leadership as being a mindset that’s about being the leader of your own life, and we all have the…

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Talent Management and an Outsource Culture

Talent Management and an Outstanding Culture (Part 3)

You know, people want to be part of a culture where they feel that they matter, where they intuitively sense that they’re a fit, where…

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Talent Management, leadership impact on talent retention

The Impact of Leadership on Talent Retention (Part 2)

Imagine investing time, money and energy to attract and recruit top talent at career fairs, and ultimately failing to plan for your new hires first…

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Talent Management - Onboarding

On-boarding new Talent (Part 1)

As leaders, your most pressing challenge is staying ahead of the curve. When it comes to your talent management strategy, the key to gaining the…

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Setting Up To Fail: Why Onboarding Programs Do Not Work…And What You Can Do About It

Imagine companies investing heavily in recruiting great people and promptly allowing them to fend for themselves from their first day at work, with zero communication…

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Leadership Lesson: How To Retain Great Employees For Long-Term Success

“What could we have done differently?” This is the burning question on every leader’s mind when a great employee decides to leave. There is no question…

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Leadership Lesson: Lead With Your Character, Not Your Title

As I listened to the CEO’s concluding remarks at his organization’s staff appreciation event, I noted that every attendee was completely engaged; hanging onto every…

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