Develop a Mindset of Managing Not Coping

Michelle, it was a true privilege. The insights were invaluable. Thank you for helping us grow an already remarkable leadership team!
– Matt Dunfee, President, Global Sales and Customer Operations

Rethink, Respond, Rebound: Three Essential Strategies for Success

What makes a person resilient? Can resiliency be taught or are some people better able to rebound from adversity than others? The answers lay in how we first choose to interpret events that are outside of our control and the manner in which we respond to the inevitable peaks and valleys of life. In order to rise above challenges of any description, we need to focus on developing a mindset of managing rather than coping.

Resiliency is the cornerstone of our emotional and psychological survival in challenging times. During her Staying Power! Keynote, Michelle teaches the three essential strategies required to hone a resilient mindset.


Stop dwelling on destructive beliefs. Make room to expand possibilities, exercise greater resilience, and move forward.


Learn to adapt to discomfort by responding, rather than reacting. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Is there another way?”


Grow from adversity and become more resilient by recognizing challenges as opportunities for greater insight.

During this thought-provoking and interactive keynote, attendees will learn how to access their resilience “DNA” and will leave the event with new ideas to bounce back with greater confidence in the face of future challenges.

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Expected Outcomes for Attendees:

  • Reframe your perspective regarding life’s ups and downs
  • Develop a resiliency mindset and tap into your inner strengths
  • Learn from setbacks and hone your “bouncebackability” skills
  • Approach adversity with clarity, confidence, and composure
  • Look forward to the future with positive anticipation
  • Become a resiliency role model to others at work and in life


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