Put a Stop to the Chaos

Michelle spent a lot of time preparing with our senior leaders to ensure the session would be inspiring and the turning point we desperately needed.
– Irene Street, Interim Director of Care, Resthaven Lodge

Ditch the Dysfunction and
Engage Your Workplace

The existence of people challenges has consequences for your bottom line. Many
individuals are working longer hours, spending more time with managers, co-workers, and computers than their own families
. Stress levels have accelerated as organizations of every description feel the pressure of delivering results for their clients and shareholders in less time, with fewer resources. Teams are expected to be efficient, engaged and happy.

The demands of today’s workplace often take a toll on the most important resource of all…your people. Under these conditions, it is not uncommon for drama and chaos to reign.

Is your business equipped to deal with personality clashes, emotional explosions, “my way or the highway” mindsets, and other theatrics that undermine productivity and success? Are you ready to manage the high cost of low morale?

Delivered with humor and insight, this exciting keynote offers practical solutions to the most common workplace problems…helping your audience to put a stop to the drama…once and for all.

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Expected Outcomes for Attendees:

  • Learn the difference between people who have problems and people who are problems
  • Take a stand in the face of “the blame game” and other theatrics
  • Practice objectivity and put the “small stuff” into perspective
  • Detach from the dysfunction and drama to be a better “you”
  • Evict the colleagues, managers and others who are living “rent-free” in your head


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