Communicate Your Vision
in a Way That Gets Noticed

Elevate Your Influence

Outstanding performance! Super content with great delivery! Many thanks for sharing your talents, your wisdom and your energy.
– Warren Erhart, White Spot President and CEO

How to Increase Your Leverage,
Strengthen Your Impact and
Energize Your Business Relationships

There has never been a better time for leaders and managers in all industry sectors to elevate their influence. A higher percentage of senior leaders and CEOs now recognize the importance of including leadership perspectives from a variety of departments regarding overall business strategy. By increasing your visibility and impact, your career flourishes and your organization benefits by having your ideas heard, understood and acted upon.

How can you leverage your position of strength and captivate attention and imagination of individuals with whom you have key relationships? The solution lies in demonstrating that you understand their positions, their perspectives and their interests, prior to introducing your own suggestions. By acknowledging others first, you are ideally positioned to make the difference; for yourself and your organization.

When others connect with your ideas, you have achieved “buy-in”. It is much easier to put your own agenda forward by listening to others first. Synchronicity is achieved by acknowledging others, even when we may not agree.

During this informative, interactive and dynamic keynote session, you will learn how to communicate your vision in a way that gets noticed. You add value to your organization and yourself when you are able to demonstrate the bottom line benefits to your leaders and stakeholders by speaking their language. As business necessitates human interaction, articulating your goals purposely and powerfully begins with you. You will leave with new ideas and strategies to energize workplace relationships at all levels…with tangible, long-term results.

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Expected Outcomes for Attendees:

  • Showcase your ideas for maximum impact during one-on-one or group meetings
  • Create a profound impact on organizational performance by harnessing new approaches
  • Enlighten leaders, co-workers and stakeholders with compelling reasons to ensure your projects are successful and supported
  • Apply the power of positive influence with managers and colleagues alike
  • Discover the seven key result areas that are top of mind for every senior executive
  • Raise your profile internally and strengthen your customer relationships


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