Develop Happy, Productive Workplace Relationships and Effective Leaders

For more than twenty years, keynote speaker and consultant Michelle Ray has helped hundreds of organizations in British Columbia and worldwide adopt winning strategies to manage talent, take the lead and transform their workplace culture.

Are You Experiencing These Problems
in Your Organization?

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If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Envision your biggest dilemmas that impact your organization’s productivity and morale: A lack of ownership regarding work projects, follow-up, the “blame game”, miscommunication and mistakes that are proving costly to your operations. These are core accountability issues that you can ill-afford, regardless of your industry or job title.

By working with Michelle, you take ownership of the problem and begin to develop and practice the habits that will lead to a culture of accountability and a shift in the collective mindset from reactive to proactive.

“Michelle’s engaging keynote and workshop Lead Yourself First encapsulated our overall theme of empowering oneself to take the lead in both our professional and personal lives.” Angela Foraaunet, MA – Leadership Human Resources Advisor | Couseillére, Ressources humaines Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Pacific Region | Pêches et Océans Canada – Région du Pacifique

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Talent Management— Attraction and Retention

Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve and “win” the war on talent?

Almost all industries are now facing new challenges regarding attracting and retaining great people. Attraction is arguably the easiest piece of the talent management equation. However, organizations that spend energy creating the perfect cocktail of salary and tailored compensation packages are missing the point for long-term success.

By working with Michelle, you will gain the strategic advantage of high engagement and retention to win the talent “war.”

“ICBC, a company of some 5000 employees with 700 managers, is building a culture of performance excellence. Michelle is a talented management development specialist and session leader. She is an expert at delivering information and education in the areas of interpersonal relationships, communication and people management. “ – Brent White, Manager, Learning Services, Learning & Development, ICBC

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Employee Engagement

Across industries large and small, disengagement remains a challenge, despite the efforts of many organizations to implement surveys and initiate programs to tackle the issue head on.

After working with Michelle, your managers and teams can apply practical strategies to assess, build, and sustain a highly-engaged culture.

“The positive empowerment that was noticeable in staff at the end of the day has carried forward into our workplace. Many staff are using your ‘hot ideas’.” – Thea Seabrook, Academic Registrar, University of Western Sydney

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Leadership Development

We have all heard the adage “people don’t leave companies, they leave their leaders.” In today’s competitive business environment, the value of great leadership has never been more important. The workplace landscape has changed drastically in terms of global competition for talent, generational mix and employee expectations.

Michelle Ray can help you and your leaders develop outstanding relational skills, which is often the difference-maker when team members decide: “should I stay or should I leave?”

“The insights were invaluable. Thank you for helping us grow an already remarkable leadership team.” – Matt Dunfee President, Global Sales and Customer Operations EMC2

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Managing Change

The adage “nothing changes if nothing changes” remains highly relevant in today’s business landscape. It’s also a truism that organizations must embrace change in order to survive, although many still choose the status quo and run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Michelle Ray will help your team begin anticipating, rather than reacting to change.

“You were able to lead us into examining the aspects of our lives and work where growth opportunities lie” – Joan Minton, Conference Chair, MPI Mid America

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