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How to be a better manager


Do you possess the essential skills to lead and manage your organization into the future? In order to be a better manager, it is important to prioritize your day-to-day, transactional responsibilities while recognizing that the transformational, visionary aspects of leadership are also key competencies. By taking a strategic approach, you can organize your management tasks and leadership goals simultaneously. Effective managers are also efficient. They are able to delegate, empower others and free themselves up to focus on the “big picture” responsibilities. You can positively impact your team, as well as your organization as a whole, by honing your leadership and management skills. At the same time, your success will depend on your capacity to remain open to learning, improving and growing in your role.

How can we be better managers and practice transformational leadership simultaneously? First, it is important to recognize that while there is the difference between managing and leading, today’s leaders need to be skilled at both. As a manager, your team has certain expectations regarding their relationship with you.  The single, most important aspect of effective management is making yourself available for your team, regardless of whether they work remotely or in the same physical location. This necessitates time management on your part. Are you accessible in person, by phone…or whatever means necessary to connect in a meaningful manner. Planning and organizing your schedule to regularly make time for a conversation is not a simply a task to check off on your to do list. It is a leadership priority for every manager at all levels.

Successful leaders are cognizant of their responsibilities and are mindful of organizing their priorities. While it remains true that accomplishing the routine aspects of work is important,  managers cannot lose sight of the need to get the right things done.  And the right things pertain to prioritizing people as well as projects. When you find yourself getting caught up in the minutiae, realize that you are putting your ability to perform at the optimal level at risk. Having numerous balls in the air may come with the territory. However, the constant “juggling” will impact your effectiveness each time you choose to comprise key people priorities for less important tasks.


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