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Decision-making excellence

How Great Leaders Exhibit Decision-Making Excellence

So as a leader, how would you describe your skills when it comes to decision making and understanding what’s involved in the decision-making process? Are all the decisions made by you, or are there times where you need to be able to be able to engage your team in the decision-making process?

I believe that this is a critically-important skill and something that leaders need to consider as to whether or not they already have it in their repertoire of leadership competencies. So what would you say about your ability to make those decisions and to be able to engage others, and to know when to be able to engage others? Because sometimes the worst thing you can do is to not make any decision at all. And that can be extremely costly to your business, to the future of your business.

And recognizing that by standing still, it may actually be the worst thing that you can do. So sometimes making a decision, even if it might mean that you make a mistake when you make that decision, is totally okay. Because at least you’ve moved in a particular direction rather than just been frozen in time. And, again, making that decision can be a game changer for your business. So it all has to do with your confidence to make the right decision and to know when to engage others to help you make the best decision for your business.

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