Take the Lead.
Embrace Change.
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Business consultant Michelle Ray assists clients with accountability, talent management, leadership development, employee engagement
and change management


Michelle Ray consults with clients in business, government and services sectors on top-of-mind issues impacting their organization’s productivity, profitability and preparedness for the future of work. Through her extensive experience working with leaders and teams, Michelle has helped her clients with strategic workforce planning, developing core leadership skills, implementing change initiatives, improving internal communication and customer satisfaction levels.

Michelle understands leaders’ imperative and inherent needs because she has personally experienced many of the same challenges throughout her own career as a leader. She successfully led sales teams through several recessions. Additionally, she has helped not-for-profit organizations secure financial and volunteer support with unprecedented results. Michelle also served as an advisor to boards of directors, whose organizations were struggling to remain relevant in the face of generational and technological change. Michelle was able to guide them through the process of accepting the new realities of today’s modern world.

Michelle knows how to apply her depth of knowledge to help your organization!

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Michelle’s Consulting Services Include:



Helping clients to achieve clarity when communicating  expectations and deadlines for work projects, follow-up, and communication between leaders, teams and customers.


Talent Management

Helping clients develop strategies for talent acquisition and retention, succession planning, mentoring, delegation and project planning.


Employee Engagement

Helping clients unearth root causes pertaining to low morale, disengagement, recommending customized solutions in consultation with leadership and ongoing evaluation regarding engagement initiatives.


Leadership Development

Helping clients determine specific leadership competencies that require attention as well as best methodology to improve skills, (i.e personalized coaching or group training.)


Managing Change

Helping clients identify desired outcomes, assessment of current change management strategies and as attitudinal “roadblocks” in order to determine optimum sequence and timing of new initiatives.