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Change Management Ep. 2 Power of choice: Accept. Leave. Change.

When it comes to the status quo, you’ve got three choices. Accept, leave, or change. Let’s look at each one of these. Acceptance. Acceptance isn’t acquiescence. Acceptance is when you say to yourself, “This is okay with me, I can live with it.” Or, you may decide to leave. Some of us have had to exercise this choice. We’ve left jobs, we’ve left relationships, we’ve left managers. We’ve said to ourselves, “This situation no longer serves me, I am okay with making the decision to go.”

I would add however, that if you make this choice, what have you learned from the experience? Because, without learning something, it’s bound to catch up with you somewhere else. History tends to repeat itself. If you decide on the other hand, that you don’t want to accept it, and perhaps leaving it isn’t necessarily the right thing, you do have a very powerful choice. That is, to change.

Change who? Change you. Change how you see it, and change how you respond to it. That is one of the best choices that you can make. I know why we hold back. One of the reasons we stop ourselves from making the necessary changes that we need to make, is because we don’t trust ourselves enough. That’s all about intuition. It’s really important to understand the difference between acting on intuition, and being what I like to call, counter-intuitive. When we operate on our intuition, and we are finding ourselves facing change, we kick into what’s known as the fight or flight response. I’m sure many of you have heard of that too.

We either run away from a situation because we fear that it is threatening. Or, we decide to fight, to take it on. We are going to exercise either one of those options in the face of a threat. Whether that threat is real, or imagined. What I have learned is about being counter-intuitive. That means you’re going against the grain. You recognize your own internal fears, you actually recognize your reactivity. But, you don’t buy into it. Instead, you forge ahead. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

We’ve all seen examples of people, and businesses that have successfully anticipated change. They’ve risen above the naysayers. They’re the trend setters, such as Apple, Microsoft, who were led by Founders considered to be the mavericks. Ahead of their time. Why? Because, they pursued their vision without buying into the opinions of the media, or competitors, who viewed them as being out there. Companies with ideas that would never fly because they thought they were simply outrageous.

What about bringing out the maverick in you? Let’s summarize. Learn to be proactive versus reactive. Trust yourself. Utilize your options. You do have a choice. Become the change agent you need to be in order to realize your vision, because when you do, anything is possible.

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