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Lessons learned about leadership from my visit to Washington DC

During my trip to Washington DC last week, I had the privilege of hearing Sam Horn, the Intrigue Expert, who spoke on the topic: “How to turn your Passion and Purpose into a Serendestiny organization.”  The most profound question Sam posed was this: “Is the light on in your eyes? Are you doing what you love most and do best?” It caused me reflect on the difference between those who lead themselves first, versus those who wait for their world to change.

One of the enduring impressions of my visit was witnessing walking talking examples of individuals who are leading themselves first. They have launched organizations and taken the lead. Sharing the platform with Sam were Lawrence Williams, founder,  United States Healthful Food Council, Vice President for Strategic Relations at Space Exploration Technologies (Space X), Allan Horlick, President of  CBS Washington DC,  Kathy Korman Frey, Founder of the “Hot Mommas Project”, an organization that houses the largest collection of women’s case studies in the world, Michelle James, founder of the Center for Creative Emergence , Cynthia de Lorenzi, CEO of the phenomenal success network “Success in the City”,  pizza innovator and serial entrepreneur, Miki Agrawal, Alex Horn, Executive Director of Dreams for Kids DC and founder of the Ability List, and renowned Social Media expert, Jennifer Abernathy, Author of the “Complete Idiots Guide to Social Media” and founder of  The Sales Lounge.

These impressive leaders have one thing in common. They are passionate about life because they have aligned their personal mission with their respective careers; taking a fearless approach to their work and their causes so that others can succeed as well.

Can you imagine the possibilities when you make the decision to take the leap and lead yourself? By doing so, you will achieve a deeper sense of life and career satisfaction. There is a difference between intuitively knowing what to do versus making it happen! The success stories that I heard in Washington DC left a significant impression on me as each speaker demonstrated that leadership is first and foremost a state of mind. Self-imposed, self-manufactured beliefs that limit potential are the only roadblocks that stand in your way of living your life’s purpose. Are you ready for NOW?

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