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The art of asking questions – Your biggest communication asset

Mark always prided himself as an exceptional negotiator and communicator, yet during a recent performance review with an employee, he was accused of reneging on a promotion offered during a conversation several months prior. Mark recalled the initial discussion, however both parties had a different understanding regarding the timeline for the promotion to take effect. His employee requested that a union representative also attend the performance review and Mark was informed in advance that a grievance would be filed should the matter remain unresolved.
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Three strategies to respond positively to negative feedback

“You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”…Anon

If you have ever been at the receiving end of criticism, either from a co-worker or manager, it is likely you have found yourself struggling to respond positively…or worse, have defaulted to apologizing when you have done nothing wrong. Even if the criticism is warranted or offered inappropriately, you cannot control the other person’s intention, words or delivery. What you can do is respond in a positive fashion while maintaining respect…for yourself and the bearer of disparaging comments. Whether the feedback pertains to your work, your relationship or a specific situation that transpired between both parties, your goal is to rise above the negativity and respond, rather than react. Continue reading “Three strategies to respond positively to negative feedback”